Advantages of Divorce Mediation


Divorce Mediator

In a divorce, mediation is sometimes required in order to shorten the procedure and to emotionally ease this difficult situation:

  • in case of misunderstandings and conflicts, to overcome them and simplify the divorce
  • during a process to shorten it or even complete it

If the spouses do not agree with certain aspects of the divorce, they have the opportunity to participate in a divorce mediation. The mediator will help the parties reach an amicable settlement and avoid going in court. If after the mediation the two partners reach a total agreement, they continue with the social investigation report and, if it is favorable, the divorce is finalized on notary paper. On the other hand, if mediation fails, the spouses must go to court. Following mediation, the spouses can also reach a partial agreement. In this case, the judge will take into consideration only the aspects that remained unsolved.

The two spouses can opt for mediation at any point of the divorce process, in order to attempt reaching an amicable settlement. Following mediation, it may result:

  • total mediation agreement , which will interrupt the process
  • partial mediation – where the process continues on unresolved issues
  • the failure of mediation, in which case the divorce case will end up in court.

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