Colorado Supreme Court Representation

Writ of Certiorari.

A review by the Colorado Supreme Court is discretionary, meaning the Colorado Supreme Court does not have to accept a case.   It will only review a decision by a lower court where “special and important reasons” exist.  The Court will ask itself: whether the question is one that has not yet been decided by the Supreme Court; whether the Court of Appeals (or district court on appeal from the county court) has decided a question of substance in a manner that is not in accord with applicable decisions of the Supreme Court; whether there is conflicting law in the Court of Appeals; whether the Court of Appeals has departed from the accepted and usual course of judicial proceedings or has sanctioned such procedure by a lower court.  A petition for a writ of cert must be filed within 42 days of the Court of Appeals opinion. The Denver Appellate Law team at Willoughby & Associates is uniquely qualified to provide Colorado Supreme Court representation should your case qualify.