Getting a Divorce Without a Lawyer

Getting A Divorce

Navigating the divorce process without a Denver divorce lawyer can be tough. The best divorce lawyers in Denver will have the resources and expertise needed to effectively manage your divorce. By trusting exceptional lawyers to help your family transition, you are helping to ensure each party reaches a favorable settlement.  The Willoughby legal team will act as your mediation partner in case parties do not agree, and we have the expertise needed to guide you every step of the way. If your situation does not call for you to have a lawyer, here are some tips to help you navigate the divorce process on your own:


“If you and your spouse can reach an agreement on all issues, or wish to proceed

without attorneys, you may do your own divorce without a lawyer representing you or

your spouse. Some legal aid offices or other low-cost legal services offices can help you complete the necessary forms. For example, Denver District Court has a pro se resource center, which sells packets of forms with lengthy instructions, and has a paralegal and volunteer attorneys to assist with the paperwork. Remember that any agreements not included in your court papers cannot be enforced later. You can also obtain instructions and forms online at www.courts.state.co.us.


If neither you nor your spouse can afford to pay the filing fee necessary to obtain a divorce, you may request a waiver of fees called “In Forma Pauperis.” This allows you to file the documents free of charge, but only if you can prove to the court that you are in fact indigent and unable to pay the fee. The forms are available at the court clerk’s office, or you may be able to get them from your local legal services or legal aid office” (Willoughby, 2016, p.153).


Willoughby law firm specializes in all aspects of amicable divorce, which makes our handling of cases the most effective in Denver.  For more information on the advantages of getting a divorce with a lawyer, read “Chapter 13: Family Relationships” in 2016 Colorado Senior Law Handbook.


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