How to Have an Amicable Divorce

Divorce Paperwork

An amicable divorce is a peaceful divorce process during which the parties work together to find productive solutions for the practical issues that need to be addressed. If you are currently involved in a divorce, you probably feel overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions and you may find such amicable behaviour impossible. To help with the legality of the divorce hire a Denver divorce attorney that is compassionate.  Putting the strong emotions and feelings aside can be very difficult, but try to transform the way you relate to the process like this:

  • Try to take the fact that you are divorcing for what it is, a process that opens a new phase in your life and try to approach it without blaming yourself, your soon-to-be-ex or third parties because your marriage is no longer sustainable.
  • Negotiate the terms of the divorce in good faith – resentment, anger and vengefulness are bad companion when you need to think on your feet.
  • If you have children, put their interests first – work with your soon-to-be-ex on a co-parenting plan that works best for the kids, both emotionally and financially.
  • Try to discuss each point of the settlement with your ex in a polite, respectful way – choose a neutral place for the discussion and try to involve a mediator or your attorneys only if you are absolutely sure you cannot work together without assistance.

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