Is Divorce Mediation A Good Option for You?

The Need For Legal Mediation Services

Divorce mediation is the process of discussing important and sensitive divorce-related issues in the presence of an experienced and knowledgeable third party called a mediator. The issues usually covered during the divorce mediation include the distribution of the assets and liabilities owned by the married couple, child custody and parenting, child support and maintenance and the mediation process is beneficial for all the parties involved in the divorce for many reasons:

  • Mediators are neutral communication facilitators who try to help the parties by keeping the meetings on the right track and by trying to prevent emotions from getting out of control, thus making the process of reaching an agreement less stressful and much more efficient. There is a host of Denver divorce mediation attorneys, so be sure to select the right fit for your family.
  • One of the most important role of mediation is to help the parties come to an agreement that is acceptable for everyone involved without having to go to court, thus making the entire divorce process easier, faster and less painful.
  • Mediation can make the divorce easier to accept for the children as well.
  • Mediation is cheaper than litigation – though both processes may involve the participation of appraisers or accountants, the divorcing couple needs only one mediator, while in litigation, they would need two lawyers.

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