Should You Hire a Prenup Lawyer?

A prenup – short for prenuptial agreement – is a contract in which two people who are about to get married define the terms of property rights for the marriage they are about to enter. Prenups are contracts that some people consider to be the death of romance, while others consider to be sensible and practical measures that eliminate heated arguments, name calling and lengthy litigation on the event of a divorce. If you and your loved one think that signing a prenup is a reasonable legal step, here are a few arguments why you need a prenup lawyer to draft the contract for you:

  • Prenup agreements are legal documents that need to comply with all the applicable laws, otherwise they may be declared invalid by the court, so if you want a contract that you can rely on, you definitely need a lawyer with experience in the field.
  • Prenup agreements are limited by law in terms of what they can include and what is outside their scope, so you need a lawyer to tell you whether the terms and condition you want included can be included indeed.

The drafting of a prenup agreement requires the participation of not one, but two lawyers – each contracting party should have a lawyer to guarantee the fairness of the agreement.  A great prenup lawyer in Colorado will protect your best interests.

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