A Door Opens

“Happiness often sneaks through a door you didn’t know you left open.”  –John Barrymore

Divorce is a difficult time. At Willoughby & Associates, we understand that, but we also want you to think about your future. And that future may hold a lot of promise for you.

On this page, we hope you can find some services that help you look forward to redefining your life. We believe that although one door in your life is closing, others are opening.

Many of the providers we have included are tested by us, or are our clients. Please take this opportunity to glance through these services around town; we hope this will help you sustain a health mind, body, and heart through this process.

Appearance, Physical Health and Nutrition Experts

Mental Health Experts

Mortgage Broker

Volunteer Opportunities and Social Outreach

Personal Chefs

Interior Designers

Personal Coaches

Dating services

Cleaning Services


Housing/Moving Services