Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you charge for an initial consultation?

When you have an initial conference with one of our attorneys, you will be receiving legal advice. Additionally, once you have come into our office for a consultation, even if you don’t retain us, we may be precluded from representing someone with interests adverse to yours.

What if I don’t use my full retainer?

If you do not use your entire retainer for any reason, it will be refunded to you. You will receive your refunded retainer with your last bill. You will not receive any interest on the amount of the unused retainer, as we are required by the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct to keep your retainer in a non-interest bearing COLTAF account.

What is full-service representation?

Full-service representation is what people traditionally think of when they consider hiring an attorney. The attorney fully represents a client and handles all aspects of a case, such as preparing pleadings, communicating with opposing counsel, communicating with the court, hiring experts, and appearing in court.

What is limited representation?

Limited representation, or self-directed representation, involves hiring an attorney to be a consultant or to do discrete tasks, such as review a pleading or contract. The attorney will advise the client regarding his or her case, and may review some pleadings, but the attorney will not enter an appearance with the court, file a document with the court, or communicate with opposing counsel. To outsiders, the client appears to be representing himself or herself.

When you hire an attorney to provide limited representation, you are solely responsible for meeting all court deadlines, for filing the appropriate pleadings, for fully and truthfully meeting discovery requests, for communicating with the court and opposing counsel, and for general management of the case. People who are using a mediator have the most success with limited representation. The client is able to have an advocate to analyze the case and give legal advice; however, the attorney’s role is limited. Therefore, the client can keep complete control over the case, and the client knows exactly how much time is being spent by the attorney on the case.

We will not provide limited representation in some circumstances, however. We will not consult with clients on how to handle a contested trial, if a case is particularly complex, or if domestic violence is potentially an issue.