Benefits of Divorce Mediation

For over 20 years, the attorneys at Willoughby & Associates have been providing assistance to families in transition. With expertise in divorce litigation, we have a reputation for favorable mediated agreements and excellent trial outcomes. Mediation is the simplest and most cost effective method for resolving issues in a divorce and often leads to a productive post-divorce relationship. Mediation is less costly than court, both financially and emotionally, and helps both parties work together cooperatively and constructively.  Here are some of the additional advantages of mediation:


“Most family law matters will involve mediation at some point. A number of districts now require mediation in every dissolution or post-decree matter. This requirement is found in the court’s case management order. Even when not court mandated, most family lawyers will recommend mediation to their clients. More often than not, mediation will produce resolutions to at least some of the client’s legal issues.


There are some situations where mediation will not be possible, will not be at all

effective, or will serve as a medium for continued abuse of one party by the other. In general, these instances are few and far between, but the practitioner should be cognizant enough of the dynamics between the parties to gauge whether mediation should be avoided.


Clients who are successful at Denver divorce mediation are often more satisfied with the outcome of their case because they controlled the final outcome. Parties often understand that they have compromised, but that they have gotten some of what they wanted. Parties who can successfully resolve issues at the dissolution of marriage stage are more likely to also resolve future disputes without court involvement” (Willoughby, 2014, p. 19-20).


Read more about the advantages of mediation in “Chapter 38” of Professional Liability in Colorado. As your partners in mediation, the divorce attorneys of Willoughby & Associates can provide the tools needed to reach rational and cooperative solutions.


Willoughby, K. R. Esq., (2014). Family law. Lawyers’ Professional Liability in Colorado, 19-20.

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