Communication: The Key to Great Client-Lawyer Relationships


Clients experiencing divorce, undergoing estate planning or dealing with other family matters can be under an extreme amount of stress. We know there can be a lot at stake where matters of transitioning families are concerned. Attorneys should be trusted to handle every case with discretion and compassion. The key to ensuring a good client-lawyer relationship is with an open stream of communication from both parties. The attorneys at Willoughby & Associates understand that the key to successful case is listening to clients’ needs with open ears and an open mind. Here’s a philosophy the attorneys at Willoughby & Associates abide by:


“Lawyers in family law cases need to train themselves to listen well. This can be difficult for lawyers. Family law clients will tell their estate administration Lawyer all manner of things, relevant to the matter and otherwise. Because the client is not necessarily knowledgeable about what is relevant and what is not, lawyers need to listen to a lot of information to sift out what is relevant. And, importantly, family law clients need to be heard, and are much more satisfied with services if they believe someone has genuinely listened to them” (Willoughby, 2014, p. 4).


When working with Willoughby & Associates, you can be assured that we will stand behind you during each step of the your family’s transitioning process. For further information on how the client-lawyer relationship is benefited from strong communication, view “Chapter 38” of Lawyers’ Professional Liability in Colorado.


Willoughby, K. R. Esq., (2014). Family law. Lawyers’ Professional Liability in Colorado, 3-5.


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