Tips for Preparing Clients for Court

Here at Willoughby & Associates, we take pride in helping our clients stay out of court with drama-free mediation. By generating solutions that work for all parties of the dispute, mediation is an effective tool that helps all parties reach a settlement before going to court. During mediation, parties work to reach a resolution together, rather than the court reaching a resolution for them. If mediation is not effective in settling your dispute, the attorneys at Willoughby & Associates will help you feel as comfortable and prepared as possible stepping into the courtroom. Here is some of the preparation process we will guide you through:

“Clients should be told where the courthouse and the courtroom are located. They should be instructed about courtroom etiquette. They should be generally aware of what the lawyer will ask them on direct examination, and what is likely to be asked on cross-examination. Clients should go through at least one mock direct examination with the lawyer, both to help the client with the process and to help the lawyer with the substantive material. Clients should be very familiar with exhibits so that they can properly authenticate them, and testify as to what they purport to prove. They should know what to expect to hear from witnesses they have endorsed, as well as adverse witnesses. They should know that courtrooms are public, and that any person may view the proceedings” (Willoughby, 2014, p.21).

No matter if you need representation for mediation or for court, the expert Denver divorce lawyers at Willoughby & Associates are here to help. Find the full article on “Preparing The Client” in “Chapter 38” of Lawyers’ Professional Liability in Colorado.

Willoughby, K. R. Esq., (2014). Family law. Lawyers’ Professional Liability in Colorado, 21.

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